Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Microsoft rumored making a phone with NVidia

Microsoft versus Apple, this is an on going epic & old war in digital world. Unlike any other competition between computer manufacturers or software developers, these two computer giants' are the most interesting to watch.

To think about it, they're much alike spoiled little children, don't they? If one has a new toy, the other will soon want the same or better yet a more sparkling toy to play with.

Ever since Apple had iPhone and dazzled the whole world with it, rumors have never ceased to stop saying that Microsoft also want a phone of its own. And no matter how often Microsoft's PRs (Public Relations) keep on confirming the blogosphere, that Microsoft is not making a mobile phone with the software giant's brand stamped on it; we simply just can't trust them.

It's still fresh in my memory too, how Steve Ballmer also confirmed about it by saying: "I do not anticipate us building a phone. Sorry, we are not going build one." But we all know him too well to tell the truth, aren't we? ;-p

I thought we have passed that kinda rumor, because it's been quite awhile since iPhone is out and so far there's not even a single mobile phone with Microsoft logo on it out in the market. But the rumor is sizzling again, not that hot anymore but still pretty warm, with an article came from the Inquirer:

"MS is going to make its own branded phone, after all, ... If you were wondering why Nvidia never mentions the phrase Linux when talking Tegra, even though it is the most appropriate OS for the chip, now you know. NV appears to have sold Linux out to get the MS flagship deal, how nice of them."

The Tegra is said to be able to integrates an ARM-based CPU and an Nvidia GPU core on a single die, in addition to a northbridge, southbridge and primary memory functionality. It's pretty much like AMD's upcoming Fusion processor, but more aimed for mobile devices. If your memory has expired out from its warranty limit, then don't be shy to refresh it by watching the NVidia's Tegra video demo from my previous post.

True or not, the moral story of the rumor is that we shouldn't never stop dreaming of a mobile phone from Microsoft. What should we call it then? mPhone? Or perhaps the rumored Zune phone is more appropriate, since Zune is more like iPod so it will make more sense if Microsoft also going to upgrade it to become a phone; zPhone?

mPhone, zPhone or Zune Phone are all sound like a lame name for a phone. But if Microsoft can get close enough to make its own branded phone just like this Zune Contact concept made by Adam Huffman, then consider me buying one if it comes out. ;-)

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