Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Winterface v1.2 released

One of the best apps out there that you can use to customise the boring look of Windows Mobile's user interface: Winterface, has just been updated. Konstantin Kalinin from VITO Technology has told me of the update:

On November 25, 2008 - VITO Technology releases Winterface 1.2 - mobile shell for Windows Mobile devices. Winterface greatly improves default Windows Mobile interface by making it more customizable, finger-friendly, and functional. Since its release Winterface has proven to be very popular among WM users.

Winterface gives Windows Mobile users unlimited freedom to customize interface. They can place icons to applications, settings, contacts, files, and favorite web sites to access any of them with one tap. Most important icons also show actual information, like number of unread text messages, missed calls, scheduled event, active phone profile and many more.

Winterface 1.2 features many improvements and bug fixes. New features:
  • Today plug-in
  • Auto start after soft reset
  • Option to add favorite web sites
  • Portrait\landscape mode icon switch
  • Screens rotation with joystick
  • "Close All" button in "Running"Clock icon shows indicator when the alarm is on
  • SMS-Chat icon shows number of new text messages
  • Bluetooth status icon toggles Bluetooth on/off with one press
  • Battery icon shows when there is low charge
  • Alphabetic ruler for quick scrolling when adding a file

Winterface 1.2 fixes the following bugs:

  • Bug with notification not visible under the lock screen
  • Bug with power icon on HTC Touch HD/ PalmTreo Pro/ Samsung i900
  • Winterface lock screen no longer interferes with the default lock screen
  • Day of the week is displayed below the date on Calendar icon and the indicator of upcoming events doesn't close the date
Go get the newest version of Winterface at this link, or try it right now by downloading the desktop installer here. To find out more about the features of Winterface, then don't forget to check out my review.

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