Sunday, November 30, 2008

Seidio Spring-Clip Holster for my Treo

I've promised to tell you about the two jolly episodes that are happening after I fixed my Treo, the first was one year anniversary for my Treo and I (and also with PalmAddict).

And now for the second is; I've received my order of Seidio Spring-Clip Holster for my Treo. I got it with a help from my brother's friend, who live in Canada. Two weeks ago he went back here on vacation, and I asked him to buy me the holster.

I'm so happy to finally able to put my beloved Treo on a rightful place, not in my jeans pocket anymore, but strapped around my waist for easy access. The Seidio's holster rest comfortably on the belt and yet at the same time feel so tightly secure too, the secret lies on the swivelling aligator type belt clip.

Like what you can see at the picture above, yes that's my hip and hand you're seeing in the pic ~LOL~, I much prefer to put the holster in horizontal position. So I can both easily grab my Treo out of the holster, and it won't limit my movement because the position doesn't block my leg & stomach. With a flick of a finger, I can push open the spring-clip while the rest of the fingers hold the Treo.

The spring-clip concept is this holster's main trait, it provides a long lasting lifetime compared to the usual rubber clip which often got broken after a rough usage. The spring-clip creates a comforting sound whenever I put in my Treo, assures me that my Treo is gripped secure and tight within the holster.

In the end, I kept on pulling out my Treo and put it back inside just to hear the nice snap sound effect created by the spring-clip. It's very addictive. ;-p

Upon a closer examination, there's a small rubber placed along inside the spring-clip side that face directly with the Treo. The rubber avoids the spring-clip from scrathing the back of my Treo, I'll just let the detailed picture on the right do the talking.

Seidio made this holster with a face-in design to protect the Treo's screen, which I think this way also protects Treo's keyboard from being accidentally pushed on. The inside of the holster is layered with a soft cloth material, colored in black.

To put inside a Treo into the Seidio Spring-Clip Holster, the user must placed the bottom of Treo first and then only with a gentle push is enough to snap in the Treo under the spring-clip. The holster has a cut-out hole, specially made for easy access to the Treo's connectors (battery & headphone jack).

But what really makes me love this holster is its soft-touch rubberized texture finish, it's really-really-really soft and smooth. And by saying really three times is, because I mean it, it feel incredibly smooth! ;-) The soft texture of the holster feel like being applied with baby powder, my finger feels like skate-gliding on ice. I just can't stop touching it... ~LOL~

The holster's soft-touch finish is going along well with Treo 750's soft-pain finish too, they both compliment to the sense of having luxurious gadgets.

So far, I'm very satisfied with Seidio Spring-Clip Holster. I believe I didn't waste my US$24.95 money on having it to accompany my Treo from today onward, the holster adds a secure hold for my trusty Treo and also a more stylish way to carry it around.

For more official photos of this Seidio Spring-Clip Holster (product #HLTR750AS), you can visit this link. Although to tell you the truth, the reason why I include lots of photos of my own in this post is because I was having a hard time to find more detailed pictures of the holster on the net. So if you want to see the pictures above in bigger size, then click on each one of them.

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