Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy 1st anniversary to my Treo, me & PalmAddict!

I couldn't believe that it has been a year, since the first time I bought my Treo and began writing for PalmAddict. Time sure is fly fast... At exactly today one year ago, I wrote my first post at PalmAddict.

It all started with love at the first sight, where I saw Palm Treo picture at one of PalmAddict's posts, it was just a small-tiny picture but enough to captured my attention... and of course my heart also. Then my curiosity kicked in and the next thing I remember; I was searching for more informations about Palm Treo as much as I can.

Like many love stories that come near to the ending, where the soon to be the husband is having a last minute doubt, I was too having my doubt when I was about to purchase the Palm Treo. But thank goodness, I listened to my heart which said something like this back then: "try a Palm who knows I'll like it...", and you know what? I'm glad I did follow my heart. ;-D

And I also remember how I asked Sammy to become an Associate Writer (AW) at PalmAddict, I wrote an email to him which say something like this:

"Hi Sammy,
Allow me to introduce myself first; my name is Andy J. S. & I live in Indonesia (it's at the Asia Pacific region).
For more than a month I've been reading PalmAddict when I tried to look up for informations before I decided to purchase a Treo for the first time.
Now, there hasn't been a day for me without reading PalmAddict. I've been addicted...Just yesterday I decided to purchase Treo 750v (finally!) and rush to write this email with it.
I really wish to share my thoughts and opinions about my Treo 750v, like why I choose it instead of the 680, etc. And how I'm gonna use it for everyday use..."

And what do you know? I received one of the warmest welcomes I ever had in the blog communities that I've been to, Sammy took me under the wing of PalmAddict's big umbrella and months later he made me an Editor at this vast community. I'm addicted more than ever now... ;-p

But even though I'm an Editor now, I'm often see for myself how good and better the posts that are made by my own fellow AWs. There has never been a single day, or a week passes by without me learning a new skill or two on how to make a better post from my fellow AWs' writings.

So while we're still in the spirit of Thanks Giving, please allow me to express my gratitude first to Sammy for giving me an opportunity to write for PalmAddict, secondly to the great readers and AWs of PalmAddict; it's been an amazing one year journey together in which I can't wait to join in again for more years to come.

And lastly, many thanks to Palm for the remarkable Treo smartphone. Oh, and of course thank you to my Treo for becoming such a trusty companion when I needed it the most, and for being there to cheer me up when I'm feeling down and lonely. I can't imagine my life for the past one year without you. ;-D

I know I sound like a senile melancholy old man, heck I even kept record of my first email to Sammy. ~LOL~ But I always have a soft spot in my heart for things like this... And I'd love to hear the same stories from you guys too.

I hope y'all have a great and lovely weekend!

[blogged with my 1 year old Treo 750v]

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