Saturday, November 29, 2008

StarHub begins to offer Femtocell service

The Singapore based wireless carrier has start offering femtocell service according to the PC World article, the service is called Home Zone.

I've discussed the femtocell technology on my previous post back in June, but allow me to freshen up your memory again:

When Home Zone users are at home, voice calls, text messages and video calls are sent over the broadband Internet connection. Users connect their mobile phones to the Internet using small, cellular base stations, called femtocells, that redirect calls over the Internet. An audio message that is played before each outgoing call and a new network name appear on the phone to alert users when their phones are connected to the femtocell.

StarHub offers the service at S$16.05 (US$10.62) per month with a 1-year contract, but StarHub still charges full mobile data rates for mobile downloads, MMS messages, and surfing the Internet using the cell phone.

This sounds like a good start for the femtocell technology to make its way to end users, because the idea is that users who frequently make cell phone calls from home may save money by avoiding charges for cellular airtime with the femtocell service.

Now it's up to wireless carriers around the world to adopt the femtocell technology, to attract more subscribers and along the way we all get the ripe the benefits. Sounds sweet isn't it? ;-p

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