Saturday, November 29, 2008

Intel says netbook is only fine for an hour

Which one of us have doubts anymore about the rising of little-mini laptop these days? When analysts and bloggers used to mock the concept of Foleo, as the origin of idea behind netbook, and now they all are using and even begin to like to carry netbook rather than the average built laptops.

Well, there's actually one that is now beginning to doubt the future usefulness of netbook: it's Intel. Brooke Croothers from Business Tech is reporting:

At a recent Raymond James IT Supply Chain Conference (streamed via this Intel page), Stu Pann, vice president in the sales and marketing group at Intel, said "If you've ever used a netbook and used a 10-inch screen size--it's fine for an hour. It's not something you're going to use day in and day out."

By that, it means Intel is re-evaluating the netbook market as possibly not 'The Next Big Thing'. For most of us, including me, this brief point of view from Intel doesn't quite make sense since Intel is the company that make & introduce Atom processor. And by seeing how well the Atom processor demand for the netbook market, it's a strange statement to be made when Intel is doing so well.

Perhaps it's got to do something with the: "It just doesn't add up" philosophy? ;-p

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