Thursday, November 27, 2008

CrackBerry reviewed the Treo Pro

Why did a BlackBerry dedicated site review the Palm Treo Pro? That might be the first thing that comes into our thought when we heard it, well it's because the Smartphone Round Robin program is on & up running again; and CrackBerry is part of it.

If you're still looking for more oppinions before getting a Treo Pro for yourself, then this review by CrackBerry is a good one. Just get ready to read long notes, but a comprehensive review on the Palm's latest handset.

Find out why CrackBerry began the review with the image of the Palm Treo and stylus in hand with a say about the software keyboard showing on its screen (pictured left), and here's the snipped of CrackBerry's some final thoughts on Treo Pro:

"Overall, I liked the Palm Treo Pro. The hardware was uber nice, and Windows Mobile is very usable. If this was a device I owned and was going to use for the long haul I would definitely be able to get used to it and love it. The phone itself is a joy to carry around."

And for you who have enough spare time to kill, hit the play button on the video review below this post to start watching the review in live action.

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