Saturday, December 1, 2007

My very first Treo!

When my smartphones (Nokia & Sony Ericsson) got broken a month ago, I started to think about having a PDA based phone instead. While finding some informations on the web, when I saw Palm Treo(s) I know I had to try to use one of those. The only problem at that time was that I don't know which one should I choose: Palm OS or Windows Mobile (WinMob)? I'm quite surprised to know that there are many reviews for Palm OS applications, compared to reviews for WinMob apps. It's easier to find informations for Palm OS apps, it's almost like there is no ending new apps for it every day. There are two product from Palm: Treo 680 (Palm OS) and Treo 750 (WinMob), so how do I decide? I kept thinking about this for two days until I stumble upon a blog that tell a story on how the user had to hard-reset his Treo(s). He re-installed 22 apps into his Treo 680, while he only needed 9 apps for Treo 750. This little tale means that Treo 750 with WinMob has all the necessary things I'll need to start using it right away.
So three days ago I purchased a Treo 750v with WinMob 5 in it, I had to upgrade the WinMob into version 6 by downloading the updater at Palm Indonesia Support page. This WinMob 6 is at v2.18-VFE, although Palm at this time has already issued an official v2.23 of WinMob 6. After the installation, I rush to the nearest Starbucks coffee shop to get to know my Treo 750v. I managed to try out the camera to capture the coffee cup I drank there ;-) The picture quality is not bad at 1.3 Megapixels, but I'm sure it suffice me for now.
After I got a 3G network settings right, I immediately fire up the IE Mobile to surf the net and start blogging. But seemed that IE Mobile can't open quite right every blog website I visited, for instance I can't edit the message post and do things like in normal IE laptop/computer.
I'm a little disappointed, because I would really like to have a great mobile experience once I got my first Treo. But I guess I'll look around to do this later...
My first impression on Treo 750v is very good, it has an elegant looks with it's silver lining along the screen; in contrast colour with it's dark-blue body colour. And it's soft paint body finish feels very good in my palm, it doesn't feel like going to slip out but instead stays firm.
The QWERTY keyboard's buttons are too smal at first use, I'll have to get accustomed to them since I love the way Treo 750v retrieve my emails (Hotmail & Gmail) and I can write long SMS with it too. Sound quality is alright, the speaker is loud although not in good quality if you play it at maximum level.
That's it for now, 'cause I'm still going to play a little bit more with my new Treo 750v.
Have a good day y'all.

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