Monday, December 3, 2007

pRSSreader errors

Reading RSS feed news can be more addicting than we could ever thought, that include me for instance; at first I just wanted to know news from a certain website I often visited. But after I experienced on how fast and easy it is to get the latest news from many websites at once with a RSS feed news application, I often check my Treo 750v for news. It's almost like every 30-45 minutes, I turned on the screen to check them.
A good freeware application to get RSS feed news is pRSSreader from David Andrs, the latest version already support QVGA screen; it's a real pitty that Treo 750v doesn't have it.
I must say that pRSSreader has a very clean interface and easy to use with many options available for you to choose, specially the Today Plugin options are really something cool to try if you're bored with the same display of RSS feed news. But it seemed there is still big error problem lurking inside pRSSreader, I experienced blank Site Manager after a while of use; even if I re-entered the RSS feeds this blank error will still happened. Maybe this got to do with the Windows Mobile 6 upgrade? Because probably the pRSSreader only support WinMob 5, that's why I also have problem when I uninstall it from the Remove Programs menu. WinMob 6 said that the pRSSreader can't be removed and asked me if I want to remove it from the list, even if I pressed the Yes button; pRSSreader was still exist and can be ran normally.
I tried to emailed David Andrs, but seemed the email address is not valid; always bounced back to my email inbox.
It's a real pitty, pRSSreader would be one of the most rated and everyone favourite if there are no errors like I mentioned above...


Anonymous said...

You are not alone. Same device, same error, same problems. No solution until now.
Regards Richard.

Andy J. S. said...

Thanks for the update Richard, it's good to know that it's not only you who had the error. ;-)