Wednesday, December 5, 2007

NewsBreak feeds your news appetite!

Yesterday I've tried a freeware application for getting RSS News feeds which unfortunately besides the great user interface & it's advanced today plugin options; the pRSSreader doesn't run well on WinMob 6 (details are on previous post).
So I kept on looking for another good application to retrieve RSS news feeds, I found out that Ilium Software's NewsBreak v2.1 is really-really good. NewsBreak have the user-friendly interface and easy to use options so even a novice user won't have trouble at all, plus it can show every news page perfectly on Treo 750's 240x240 pixels screen resolution. After few days of using NewsBreak, I don't experience any errors with WinMobile 6 OS; it's stable and quite fast. I enjoyed my news at local coffee shop today, as the place is not crowded & quiet so I sunked myelf with my Treo.
If just Ilium Software can add more options for NewsBreaks' today plugin, because sometimes I wish to know what are new RSS news available without opening the app.
(posted via my Treo 750v)

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