Friday, December 7, 2007

A stylish companion for my Treo

I found a very interesting wallet today at a store that spesialize in selling unique items, the manufacturer is Troika from Germany.
This wallet is quite magical (even the clerk told me this is it's nickname), because it can be fliped to both side at a time and each side will show different stripe rubber inside the wallet. The one I'm holding there at the picture is called "red pepper", referring to it's combination colour. At one side of it's front, there are two slots available for your credit & business card. This 'magic-wallet' came with a steel clip for keeping your precious money intact to it, although I'll say it only serves as decoration.
Now you can show off to your friends and buddies, or simply put it on the coffee table besides your Treo while sipping a cappuccino; you'll look cool & stylish. Hey, there are two girls looking at me when they saw the Troika wallet (and the Treo of course), gotta finish my post now...

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