Saturday, December 8, 2007

Treo 750 smallish screen resolution...

Yesterday I've just tried two Spb Software House products: Pocket Plus & Mobile Shell, Spb has been known for making huge array of products for mobile phones which you must have heard of or even try one by yourself. After reading some reviews about those two apps, I decided to try them on my Treo 750v. I will not tell another reviews about those two Spb products, cuz there are already plenty of reviews about them; plus you can see & read the whole features at their website here. But I must say that I'm dissapointed to know that both of them don't work well on Treo 750, the apps worked well; it's the display of the user interface that's bad. I believe this happens because of Treo 750 small screen 240x240 pixels resolution, so some of the Today screen plugins are not displayed correctly. And because of the small resolution too, that the Today screen of WinMob 6 looks very crowded. Can't really blame Spb Software House for this, most of today Pocket PC device manufacturers are already making 320x320 pixels resolution as their standard screen. When I saw my friend using the HTC Touch with Spb Mobile Shell, I'm quite envy him for it's large display that looks so spacious; seems you can add so many additional items/icons you want into Today screen. Come on Palm, please make bigger screen for the next Treo!

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