Sunday, December 9, 2007

Accident with Word Mobile!

I had a terrible accident today with Word Mobile, I lost the whole writing in a document after spending some time to wrote it with my Treo 750v. This happened after I mistakenly pushed the 'ok' button because I thought I've saved the document before, when I don't see the document on the Word Mobile list; I realized it's gone for good. Y'all must know how it feels to write again from the beginning, it's like forcing yourself to experience a dejavu while you're not in the mood.
I really hope Microsoft to improve Office Mobile apps to be able to ask if you want to save or discard the document when you accidentally pushed the 'ok' or exit button, just like in it's brethren desktop brother. And it would even better if they add autosave feature in every few minutes, this will really helpful specially when there's something bad happen (like the if Treo's battery went flat or an incoming phone call). So becareful you guys whenever you wish to use Office Mobile in the hurry...

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