Sunday, November 30, 2008

Crap Apps: Lie detector apps for iPhone/iPod Touch

You've been warned, these apps can be categorized as crap apps because for what they can do might not really worth your money. But hey, it's your money so it's up to you.

Getting the truth out from someone can really be a tough job, even for an experienced information squeezer. But things may change and get easier, as Apple has created iPhone & iPod Touch (no pun intended, this is merely for a joke). And with a little help from 3rd party app, your Apple gadget can turn into a little lie detector machine. You're no longer need to bring a stun gun or nail plier if you wish to interogate your friends, asking if they have tampered your iPhone or not. ~LOL~

Champion Software's Lie Detector app

Lie Detector is an app made by Champion Software that said able to detect when a person is lying or not by pitch, frequency, and peaks in the voice and compares it to calibration questions. Find out if someone is lying about whatever "yes or no" question you decide to enter based on their voice.

A user at TiPB named msbaylor has tried the app and he got the opposite results everytime he was lying or telling the truth. He then tried the app with his friends, and it worked once in 5 tries.

So if the app has only 50/50 chance of telling someone is lying or not; then this app is definetely fall in the category of crapp app because it costs $2.99 of your money.

ACME Lie Detector

The developer obviously claim its own app as "a novelty for fun and amusement purposes, it does not detect anything." The ACME Lie Detector works this way:

  • Press reset and hold it to begin the detection. Ask the “victim” a question while holding your finger on the reset.
  • After hearing the answer to the question tilt the phone in the direction of TRUE or FALSE to predetermine what the lie detector will read. Release the reset button while tilted in the direction you desire.
  • It is important to release the reset after you have tilted the phone (the tilt can be slight) this will lock the detector till the reset is touched again.
  • Ask the “victim” to place their thumb on the PLACE THUMB HERE button for a few seconds, the needle will swing and then stop on the predetermined indicator lighting the TRUE or FALSE lamp.
  • Laugh at your mystified friends as they try to explain why they are lying.

The ACME Lie Detector developer isn't that greedy, and asks $0.99 for the price.

Crap apps can prove to be the most desired apps when say like you're in a bar and trying to melt the icy situation by getting a laugh cracked out from this man or a girl that you're hitting on, just don't ask too much then you'll do just fine. ;-p

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