Sunday, November 23, 2008

Funny ad: Microsoft uses MacBook & PlayStation 3 to promote Vista

While Microsoft has spent billion of dollars on marketing campaign to promote Windows Vista, along with relentless efforts to beat Get a Mac ads using I'm a PC labels, an embarassing blunder was made by Microsoft's PR (Public Relations) on the Vista booklet that came with a brand new HP Pavilion desktop featuring an image of the Apple's MacBook Pro laptop.

Like if one mistake is not enough, there's another image that shows how two happy kids playing games using PlayStation 3 controllers.

One thing for certain; Microsoft is not likely to promote its own rival's products in their own marketing brochure. So the blame should goes to the software maker's creative agency that created the booklet using stock images, without paying a closer look at them.

Microsoft should reconsider paying too much to the creative agencies it is using to make that booklet, this proves how ineffective it is the huge pile of money Microsoft throwing to create a better image of Windows Vista. ;-p

Sources are from Hehe2 blog, via TG Daily.

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