Sunday, November 23, 2008

Funny fact: How world leaders phone each other

When Sarah Palin got a prank call from a Canadian DJ, who was pretending to be the President of France and actually managed to get through her handlers, we're wondering how exactly world leaders make call to other world leaders at the other side of the world?

World leaders have to put up with prank calls all the time. As a general practice, one leader's staff members will arrange to call back the staff members of another. For an example, if the President of the United States wants to congratulate Nicolas Sarkozy for having such a drop-dead gorgeous model as wife, President Bush has his people to call the French President's people. White House operators are known for being able to get hold of just about anyone, they'll set up a time to chat and patch through the call when that time comes.

It is unpractical, but that is the cost of becoming a world leader for them; no more speed dial feature in their luxurious life. No celebrities, and not even powerful people that walk on this planet are immune to one of the oldest jokes in the history of mobile world: prank calls. ;-p

Sources are from Slate, via Switched.

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