Sunday, November 23, 2008

You Shake iLaugh for iPhone/iPod Touch

I've just stumbled upon this trivial, yet funny app at AppShopper website for you owners of iPhone or iPod Touch with v2.0 (or above) software update; it's called You Shake iLaugh.

The app is good for you who's having a rough day, or feeling a little under the weather and in need of a laughter to cheer you up again. Here's a snipped info of the app taken from Roman Reyhani, the developer of the app himself:

"This app was inspired largely out of a feeling that we need more laughter in our lives, instead of the gloomy outlook we’re often fed. So this app hopes to achieve that - it’s a little silly but when you’re really in the funk, and need to hear some outrageous laughter, the You Shake iLaugh will do the trick. The app works by using the accelerometer to detect motion. When you shake the phone, it'll gently laughs. The harder you shake it, the harder it laughs - until it reaches an eye-watering hysterical laugh."

But perhaps what really funny is how I'm aimlessly wandering at AppShopper website, looking for good apps but I don't own an iPhone, not even the first gen. ~LOL~ Hope y'all have a fun and cheerful weekend! ;-D

Sources are from AppShopper and TiPB.

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