Sunday, November 23, 2008

iPhone 2.2 software bugs on the rise

It's so surprising how Paul Biba & Scott McClintock were both at the same time posted up how they use their iPhone today at PalmAddict. ;-)

It's also good to see that there are many of you using iPhone, and for sure you must have known about the newest v2.2 software update is available since November 21st yesterday. The promised new features which are already leaked around the blogosphere, will definetely pushes non-jailbroken iPhone owners to do the upgrade.

But what you probably don't know yet, is there have been some bugs reported by users who have updated to iPhone OS 2.2, the bugs must be quite serious because it only takes a couple of days to be reported. Here's the list of the reported bugs so far by iPhone Atlas:
  • Third-party Applications broken. Some third-party applications will no longer function properly under iPhone OS 2.2 due to API changes and other modifications.
  • "Could not Connect to Internet". Some users are encountering an inability to connect to the Internet over cellular networks after the iPhone OS 2.2 update. In some cases, this issue can be resolved by switching from 3G to EDGE (or, for carriers other than AT&T, the appropriate GPRS network).
  • “SIM card not inserted”. Or PIN lock Some users are receiving an error message indicating that the SIM card is not inserted, or that a PIN lock is in place when none should exist. If you get the PIN lock message, try the suggestions in this tech note.
  • Kilometers instead of miles in Google Maps. It appears that Google Maps for the iPhone now displays kilometers instead of miles for various countries.
  • Problems deleting email. Some users are unable to delete emails from certain accounts, especially AOL accounts after the 2.2 update.
  • App Store extremely slow. The App Store is extremely slow after the iPhone OS 2.2 update for some users. This may be a server-side problem that Apple will resolved shortly.

And then TiPB is also reporting that Apple didn't fix the two Safari bugs in v2.2 software update either, they are: Links to applications in the App Store still do not work & Safari still does not honor META REFRESH tags, meaning that redirecting users from one web page to another still does not work.

So if you still haven't updated to v2.2 software yet, you might want to think again about updating your iPhone to the latest software because of the above bugs. Stay safe!

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