Friday, November 21, 2008

IE 8 pushed back to 2009

It's not like you'll be interested in knowing that Microsoft pushes back, yet again, the release date of Internet Explorer (IE) 8 to 2009. Because, with a tight competition ahead against free web browsers such as Mozila's Firefox & Google's Chrome; we'll barely going to use IE ever again in the future.

But one thing that really concerns me is: healthy competition being stalled because of the pushed back IE 8 release date.

How so? Well, let's face it; having IE in Windows is like having a love-hate relationship. Yes, IE is not the best web browser out there if we're to talk about features, user interface & speed. But we can't argue that IE is the most used web browser in the whole wide world, almost every major web sites especially bank sites are recommending you to use IE.

Not even when Apple's Safari web browser is finally gaining more popularity these days, or when Opera web browser is standing tall in spite of struggling to grow its reputation besides in Europe, IE is still the biggest mole in the face of the competition. IE has always been the main target to be beaten, IE has always been the biggest joke amongst the others, and it always stay and installed in every new Windows OS.

So, for the sake of healthy competition in web browsers market; I hope Microsoft is not going to push back again more further IE 8 release date...

For you who wish to see a bigger sized IE 8 screenshot above, you can visit this CNet's page. And while you're at it, you can also see screenshots of Windows 7 Beta there. But I gotta warn you though, you shouldn't hope too much to see eye-candy screenshots of Windows 7 Beta; because like I've mentioned before in my previous post: "Windows 7 is just Vista with lipstick". ;-)

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