Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Treo can becomes a useful companion on your dates

I have a date this evening, which I was sitting at A&W table with a tall cup of Rootbeer Float waited for her to arrived. I pulled out my Treo 750v and download the movies schedule at some of local theaters with Pocket IE. Just as it finished downloaded, my date arrived and I showed it to her to asked which movie available she wanted to see.
After we decided which one we should be going, we got into the car and headed forward. Alas, it's off office hours so the traffic jam was so frustating; we barely moved forward in hours. I can see she was bored, so I pulled again my Treo from my pocket, and she's excited when I offered her whether she wished to play some games with it. I tried to teach her the game from In-Fusio called Fried Chicken which has cute graphics that most girls would love, but seems her long thumb nail is preventing her from pushing the Treo's middle D-pad button. So she played Bubble Breaker instead, cause she can use the stylus; ... duh.
So we finally arrived and took a quick meal, while we're waiting for the meal come she asked to play again maybe she's still curious how to win it. I'm glad I decided to brought along my Treo 750v, even though it's bulky when inserted into my jeans pocket; somehow I managed to melt those icy & silent moments when you date someone.

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