Friday, March 21, 2008

Bridge your schedules with others

If you're an organizer or you're the person in charge for making schedule for the whole team, then you know how frustrating it is to do this job. Sometimes you wish there should be some kind of telepathy installed within our heads, so everyone can tell you when is the spare time they have to make it for the next meeting. The most irritating experience for event organizer or for a "scheduler" is when you have to go back and forth asking each one of the attendees, well if there's only 3-5 persons then it's alright; but how about above 5 persons? I think you get the picture, right?
There have been many web-based tools now that offer this scheduling service, but one particular has caught my attention; called
TimeBridge. The reason is simple; TimeBridge act as the organizer, not you. All you need (after signing in of course) are just three steps: fill in the email recipients, write the meeting subject, and propose up to 5 slot time frames for the meeting time. After that TimeBridge will send out email form to your attendees to fill, all they need to do is click one of the Best, Yes or No option for every time slots you’ve proposed. Upon receiving back those forms, TimeBridge analyze the results and choose the best option. It can also asks for more time frame option from you if any of the recipients don’t see the correct time frame, but if everything works fine then TimeBridge sends email confirmation to everyone.
TimeBridge provides the scheduled meeting in several calendar platforms for Google, Outlook, Yahoo, and iCal Mac OS. Although for easier access, you could directly link your calendar; which currently only works with Outlook and Google Calendar. If you’ve done the link, your calendar will change automatically when a schedule is made. For Outlook, you need to install a free small plug-in. There are also good idea features such as conference call & Availability Network, that last one can show your available time frame to others but no details included.
Right now TimeBridge is still free, but the developer plans to add premium paid features. With web-based tool like this, the attendees don’t have to install any apps and can access their account anywhere; even on the go! And TimeBridge developer has made such eye-candy user interfaces that is not just good to watch but also simple to use. For more in depth on how to use this great organizer web service, read on Michael Muchmore’s (PC Mag) article
here. Have a happy & easy organizing time then, good luck!
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You can also try
It's much more simple (no registration) and have absolute accuracy for any time zone and daylight saving time status.