Thursday, March 27, 2008

A guide book to "hack" iPhone

One of many books I've read when I learnt about WiFi and IP protocols is published by O'Reilly, this publisher is well known by IT professionals for good resource of knowledge and informations. This time O'Reilly is featuring writer Jonathan Zdziarski, he's among the first hackers of iPhone and his book here is using techniques before Apple release the SDK kit. But even that, this book which called iPhone Open Application Development, can be considered an alternate method for developers who feel that the iPhone SDK kit is too limiting their apps. According to Tom Krazit (CNet News), the book's contents could be found scattered in the internet and help you to read one by one peacefully in one condensed book (quote). The first chapter's title will give you a heads up about what's inside the whole book: "Breaking Into and Setting Up the iPhone."
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