Friday, March 14, 2008

I hurt my Treo today...

I knew there would come a time when I drop the Treo of mine, because I used to slip it into my jeans pocket. This all happened when I had a conversation with one of the staff, busy from explaining her how to carry out the order from our director, another staff came in and ask about another subject. As I was on fire explaining things to work around the obstacles to finish the works, I felt like I've slipped my Treo into the back of my jeans pocket like usual. But suddenly I heard it dropped on the floor, seemed I didn't put correctly. Lucky enough it’s not broken, just a very small bump on top of it. It's all because of those questions that took away my attention to my beloved Treo, I couldn't blame anyone else but myself for the fell. I've always wanted a holster for it, but no stores here sell such holster made for Treo. O Palm, when are thou will open a Palm Store here, in Indonesia?
(blogged with my -dropped- Treo 750v)

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