Sunday, March 9, 2008

iPhone news recap of the weekend

For all of you who have missed important news on the new iPhone SDK kit, don't forget to catch up with Sammy’s & Paul Biba's summaries here. But I want to underlined again the grieve news about that new SDK kit for iPhone, please find it out here. It's about the limitation for iPhone 3rd party apps that can't be run on the background, based on the current released SDK kit. So no more up to date RSS news feeds while you're doing something else, and you can't accept calls when you're chatting on-line with instant messaging app. It's quite sad news for those who love to do multi-tasking apps with their device, including me. Another great editorial came from PC World, it's iPhone Software FAQ, very complete with answers for almost possible questions that are surrounding the new SDK kit.
There’s also a debate whether Microsoft’s Silverlight is going to be available for iPhone or not, Steve Balmer-MS CEO has hinted that way during his interviews. Silverlight is the new web platform made by Microsoft, aimed to compete with Adobe Flash. So far Apple refused to put Adobe Flash into iPhone, Microsoft has the chance to push their Silverlight into mobile market through iPhone popularity.
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