Monday, March 17, 2008

Land your cables into Bluelounge SpaceStation

Clustered & messy cables on your desk, aren't they a reflection on how your life is? And like in life, (sometimes) we want to make things right & put everything back in order again. Here's where Bluelounge's products comes to save the day; the dock that hides all the cables underneath it called SpaceStation®. Unlike any conventional docking station for laptops, the SpaceStation® has the same sleek design that resemblance to Apple's as well. The rubberised pad on top makes you comfortably put your laptop and mobile phones, although I think Bluelounge should add more than 4 USB ports. Like for instance I recently used up to 5 USB devices at the same time with my PC, and those numbers will keep on growing. Just take a look at the pictures in their website, the 5mm thick looks so neat for placing your shiny small devices on it.
(blogged with my Treo 750v)

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