Friday, March 7, 2008

The long & slow plan for iPhone

It's not going to be a simple fight no more between iPhone & BlackBerry, with the release of "special by invitation" tester users for iPhone Enterprise Beta Program; iPhone firmware v2.0 is going to rock the BlackBerry's comfortable position for enterprise favourite device. Although still planned to be release on June this year, the firmware v2.0 is definetely Apple's first step to broaden iPhone users to corporate level.
Even by the announcement of iPhone SDK kit, Steve Jobs still wishes that iPhone to be sold exclusively through mobile carriers contract; no sign of unlocked iPhone in the horizon yet. I still hadn't understand what exactly Steve wants to achieve by limiting iPhone sales, until I read on the news announcement of Apple's new App Store; a little shed of light has been revealed. If you haven't know what is that, please read on Paul Biba's summary of iPhone SDK kit release here.

Some say this App Store is going to hinder the innovation progress of iPhone applications, but others say good things about it. Basically apps developers are suppose to report every products they made to Apple, get e-sertificate for those apps, and only allowed to publish them through Apple too. On the customers point of view, this is a great idea! Now, we can have a peace of mind every time we download an app & install it into our iPhone; there'll be no such incompatible issue that often the main source why we have to reset our device. And we could buy apps directly from iTunes to the iPhone, which it's a built-in native app in it so no more hassle to find new apps on the web.

All of those I've just mentioned above can't be done if you own a bricked iPhone, the Apple shareholders would love to have more income with the sales of unlocked iPhone. So that's why Steve is so determined not to quickly boost iPhone sales just by releasing unlocked iPhones, but the revenue could come from iTunes / App Store as Apple's second biggest income apart from the sales of their devices (Mac, iPod, iPhone, etc). The iTunes / App Store can charge fees directly to mobile carriers of the iPhone in the future, this way Apple won't have to deal with fraud & delayed payments. Those above reasons are probably his long plan for iPhone & iTunes to dominate the mobile market.

Sure, like many of you, I also have doubts if this news from Apple is good thing or bad? But it have been many times that every of those doubts had turned out to great ideas instead, time will tell my friend...

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