Tuesday, March 25, 2008

MIU’s HDPC: form follows function

What kind of device you’ll get if you try to put all of today mobile technologies into one package, there has been one answer now: MIU’s HDPC (Hybrid Dual Portable Computer). Its square looks will mostly deter female users, and those who prefer good looking device to show off. But the early leak of its specs is really scary:
* Dual-OS: Windows XP and Windows CE 5.0 core or Linux Qplus
* QWERTY keypad and joystick-mouse
* 4-inch 800 x 480 resolution Samsung touchscreen display
* 1.3-inch 30 GB or 60GB hard drive, or 4 GB SSD hard drive
* Up to a 1GHz VIA C7M ULV processor and up to 4 GB DDR2 RAM
* Cellular (presumably CDMA) / 802.11b/g / bluetooth 2.0
* 3 or 5 megapixel camera with flash, secondary camera for video conferencing
* 7 hours of battery life at high power (XP-booted?) and 90 hours at low power
* 2 USB ports, A/V in & out, E-ant Port, mini SD slot, micro SD slot
* Mobile television and GPRS
Sources are taken from BGR, take a closer look on how this MIU’s HDPC played in our hands at Gizmodo screenshots. The device is going to be sold around $500 in June this year, but don’t get excited yet because it’ll be released in Korea only.
(blogged with my Treo 750v)

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