Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Not everybody want 3G mobile phone

Texas Instrument (TI) has just announced the reduction of its revenue forecast for the first quarter from its original guidance, which basically caused by the lack of demand for higher-end mobile phones chips; specially 3G chips. Ron Slaymaker, TI vice president expressed his concern of wireless mobile phones. Because this could means people in general don't need 3G mobile phones. Another concern perhaps that the 3G technology will stay for quite sometimes now before replaced with newer one: 4G, although the 4G technology is already being tested in several countries like Japan; vendors like TI will stall the release based on low market demands.
This is indeed a sad news for technology & gadgets geek, like me. Let's us hope this news doesn't effect on the iPhone 3G, that's rumoured set to be release this year. PC World has the whole complete story right here.
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