Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sync Exchange-Outlook and Gmail altogether

That title is too good to be true isn’t it, especially for IT Managers; but that’s what exactly Cemaphore says about their newest product called MailShadow for Google Apps a.k.a. MailShadowG (in short). It’s like a dream come true for most small business who have been using Microsoft’s Exchange Server –email backbone server, because of Microsoft policy on licenses for each access & servers; the total expenses on IT is sometimes goes beyond what small business can afford. Not to mentioned how much time and efforts for them to maintain it, pheew… I just remember to do that tomorrow. So this is what Cemaphore thought of with MailShadowG, they cut through the Exchange protocols and sync the Outlook with your designated Gmail accounts. As described bluntly by Mike Ricciuti (News Blog): “Translation: If you want to get rid of Exchange and run your e-mail back end on Google, this is the product for you.”
Read on his blog
here which really hit the spot to pinch out Microsoft “ugly side” of licensing their products, like what Cemaphore also mentioned at the site.
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