Sunday, March 30, 2008

Teens are likely will become deaf because of MP3 player

A recent study at two high schools in Netherlands shows that teens who use iPod or other MP3 player tend to blow-up the volume level to sky high, even they know that could cause hearing problems later; they still do it anyway. Ineke Vogel ~the lead researcher~ and Dr. Hein Raat who both work at University Medical Center Rotterdam, told Reuter Health that parents should take more action to suppress their children in using too loud headphones. Some symptoms such as ringing sounds in ears & muffled sounds hearing, could lead to deaf if not taken seriously. About 73% of parents who're being asked said they don't know about this matter, probably because they haven't know such device in their youth before. And this is mostly caused by the popularity of iPod in schools and colleges that I've discussed before at PA here.
Another alternative approach can be taken directly into the manufacturers of those MP3 players, where they could put some kind of warning sign; for example a flashing light or display screen when the volume level output has reach certain dangerous level. Vogel recommends if the sound reach 90 decibels (db) and above can be hazardous, so in general teens should only use 60% of their MP3 players volume capacity. Read the whole news on CNet article here.
Now my fellow Palm, Treo & Centro users; have you been pumping-up the volume of your Palm devices while using the headphones? We're not a teen anymore do we; let's make an example of ourselves before we give advice to the young ones.
(blogged with my Treo 750v)

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