Sunday, March 30, 2008

Video ads in Google & Yahoo search results

It's finally here, after some long debates whether advertising should step up to the next level into video or stay as text & pics only; the new video ads is showed now everytime you hit the search engine of Google and Yahoo! Elinor Mills (NewsBlog) has tried both, and it seems Yahoo is more pushing their video ads to users to watch than Google.
In Google search result, it only showed the hot link named "watch commercial" and if clicked it'll play only 2x2 inches window that can be paused & hidden anytime.
While in Yahoo search result, the hot link named "play video" and will be played on 5x5 inches window but the whole web page is grayed; so you have to deal with the video ads window first before continue working with the Yahoo search result page.
I've tried these on my Pocket IE, but it doesn't showed any video ads hot links mentioned. Perhaps the video ads is for desktop web browser for now, or perhaps it'll come later on each countries region. Anyone who've tried this and work, please post a review. Spread the knowledge I'd say. Read on Mills' blog
here for further indepth review.
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