Tuesday, April 15, 2008

China Mobile still wants iPhone

The main reason on why China Mobile Communications Corp. (CMCC) is so reluctant to have a serious chit-chat with Steve Jobs (Apple CEO) to bring iPhone to China mobile phone market, has been revealed by CMCC's main-man/chief exec himself; Wang Jianzhou. Mr. Wang told Xinhua News reporter on an interview last Saturday that Apple's current model, which requires operators to share monthly subscriber revenues with the iPhone maker, has prevented the two companies from engaging in formal talks (quoted).
The rumors mill has been running wild when Apple made big talks that the iPhone will arrive in Asia this year, and Mr. Wang has also expressed CMCC is willing to keep opening the door for iPhone. Ezra Gottheil, an analyst from Technology Business Research Inc. has said in an interview: ""Apple needs China to make those kinds of goals, and if that means doing without [the revenue-sharing business model] in China, they'll just suck it up and do it."
A pretty straight forward words I'll say, and it really hit the spot on everyone's same thought about this. Both parties can make symbiosis partnership, where there are clearly demands of iPhone in China mobile market; and CMCC's 380 million customers are too many to be ignored by Apple. Read on Gregg Keizer (Computer World)
article for full report.
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