Thursday, April 17, 2008

Palm's Graffiti-like app for iPhone

The switching of loyal Palm users to iPhone is definetely going to be more unstopable now, since now another native application that’s made by a Chinese software developer has been released; it’s called HWPen. How so, because I know David Smith whose email has just posted by Sammy here at PA, who love the Palm’s Graffiti application will also going to appreciate similar working application in an iPhone. Although HWPen is still in Beta 1.0 phase and it doesn’t appear in, you might still need to prepare to face several bugs while using it. So if you are that interested, Gizmodo has wrote down the installation instruction as follow:

  • Use the, and click "Sources", then "Edit" and lastly "Add"

  • type in this:
  • refresh your sources before looking it up at iPhoneCake packages category

  • install HWPen

  • restart the iPhone

  • But if you're not so sure, get more informations by watching the video at Gizmodo here. Good luck!
    [blogged with my Treo 750v]

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