Sunday, April 13, 2008

Play Blu-Ray on your iPhone

You know Blu-Ray has won over HD DVD, so it’s now the time to make the most of that Blu-Ray Disc players you have. Currently NetBlender has released a SDK kit for software developers called BD Touch, this SDK is compatible with any Blue-Ray Disc players that have BD Live technology in them. You can find that technology in players made by Philips, Samsung & Sony. Yup, you got that right, that means PlayStation 3 has it too (woohooo!)
The best of this BD Touch is it can pair both of you iPhone & iPod Touch with Blu-Ray Disc players (which have that above BD Live), wirelessly using WiFi. Not only the Blu-Ray contents can be transferred, but you can use iPhone & iPod Touch as remote control for those Blu-Ray Disc players.
Peter Cohen from
here found out that NetBlender also has covered much other potential that can be used with their BD Touch technology with iPhone & iPod Touch, such as:

  • the capability to push digital movie

  • catalog automation of the Blu-Ray Disc collection

  • update & manage a rental queue

  • display additional info & trivia of a movie

  • turn the Blu-Ray Disc into games with iPhone/iPod Touch as the controller

  • view fan-created content in sync with the Blu-Ray Disc

Wheeew.., all of that above look very promising and certainly will make you love your iPhone & iPod Touch much more than ever. Take a look at NetBlender's BD Touch YouTube video here to see how it works. Things are just keep getting better for Apple, as many software & hardware developers are adding more fuel to iPhone hot popularity.
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