Monday, April 14, 2008

Thin or small?

That's the questions pops up inside my mind everytime I read news about new mobile phone handsets, or news about mobile devices like laptop & UMPC. Which one will you pick if there are two choice of device in front of you, one is thin but has average size & the other one is small sized but not so thin?
For quick example perhaps we could use a MacBook Air (MBA) pitted against HP's Mini or Asus' Eee, where MBA represents thin design and Mini or Eee represent small form factor. If you're to put aside the strong brand image Apple has on MBA, and you're to choose one of them for your need in 1 year to come. You only afford to buy one for a year, but okay you have enough to buy the hefty priced MBA this time. Which one do you more prefer to have? The thin one that's light weighted or the small one that's easy to carry?
But even I can't deny that the price of each device is more a factor to what I will choose on buying one, this is why Mini & Eee have been so successful to attract consumers so much. I'm having a dilemma to choose which one to be my next laptop...
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