Sunday, April 13, 2008

Windows is heading down (part. 1)

Gartner, the famous technology researcher and analyst firm have announced a quite shocking statement; that Microsoft is in trouble if the software giant doesn’t change the way they make their main operating system (OS) product: Windows. In a conference of Gartner Emerging Trends, both analysts Neil MacDonald & Michael Silver have said that there are many reasons why Microsoft is heading from a troublesome start to more serious situation, which if all can be summed up will come back to Microsoft’s incapability to make the right decisions at the right time.
Here are some of essential points of what Microsoft has done to put Windows into today bad position:

  • the development times to make a new Windows are taking too long
  • and there are only few new innovations found in the new release
  • users are having inconsistent experience between new & old platforms
  • most of the time new platform means new compatibility issues.

This will get worse for big companies and enterprises, who have adopted Windows as their computer’s OS. The bigger size of a company means bigger expenses and higher cost that spend adapting to a new system, which usually takes up longer time too on large company’s system.
Source from PC World article & Switched blog. To be continued...
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