Thursday, July 17, 2008

Heath Ledger remembered through his iPod

Still in the shadow of the Dark Knight, and the loss of a very talented actors; Heath Ledger, who played the Joker villain in the movie (pictured left), Aaron Eckhart & Maggie Gyllenhaal dropped by at Today Show to talk about their parts in the movie.

During the show, Eckhart told a story on how every co-stars in the Dark Knight movie were passing around Ledger's iPod in the remembrance of the fallen star:

"I told a little story about Heath's iPod. Whenever we went into the trailer we'd say "Whose iPod is this?" Because it would always be some wacked-out music nobody had ever heard of before. And it was Heath's. And that iPod has since become a symbol of Heath and his friends pass it around to each other, download the music and then pass it on."

I wonder if Eckhart ever know that he's just admitted copyright infringement in front of everyone, because downloading music from someone's iPod is illegal. Or maybe, I should wonder on something else: How much does Apple paid Eckhart to say iPod in the show? ~LOL~

But one remark from the forum is interesting; Eckhart should've also mentioned what are Ledger's "wacked-out" music? Hey, can we get to download Ledger's music too? ;-D

Source are from VideoGum, via Valleywag.
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