Wednesday, July 16, 2008

OpenMoko/FreeRunner gets unboxed

The line from Engadget Mobile says it all: "If you're a Linux fanboy with a hankering for some mobile action...", and so this one is for you "hankering" Linux fanboys/girls.

The Canadian tech entrepreneurs who like to wear Scottish skirt, Holden Karau got his OpenMoko/FreeRunner handset along with spare kits & debug board; has announced: "The North American OpenMoko FreeRunners are starting to arrive. It would appear that the OpenMoko still has problems with some 3G networks, including AT&T. Although, in my own personal completely unscientific test, 2 out of 3 AT&T SIM cards worked."

Unfortunately, Karau's didn't shot the handset while on action. I for one, would love to see how this Linux-powered handset shine on its 480x640 screen. But nevertheless, you can enjoy plenty of unboxing photo shot pictures at
his gallery. At above, are some of the pictures I've collected from Karau's gallery. --click to enlarge it--

And if you're not satisfied by just seeing the blurry photo shots, then you can order one for yourself at OpenMoko store. Sources are from
Holden's Blog, via Slashdot, via Engadget Mobile.

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