Thursday, July 17, 2008

Opera Mobile 9.5 Beta is out

Your long wait for Opera Mobile newest version: 9.5, is over. On this Thursday, Opera has just released its newest mobile browser that got delayed previously due to security bugs.

One thing you should keep in mind is this new Opera Mobile 9.5 still in beta stage, bugs and app's glitches are to be expected until the final version. Opera even has posted the known issues in this beta version such as:
  • ActiveX is disabled -> Flash plugins and embedded video streaming do not work.
  • Custom IME’s (like HTC’s IME) will be buggy at best, not working at worst.
  • Not multilingual build — Only English is supported. Problems with other languages (and input methods) is not unexpected.
  • Installation on memory cards may cause problems.
  • Text wraps in overview mode.
  • Fails on ACID2 test.

Available free for Windows Mobile 5 / 6.1 Pro (touch-screen) only, it's a slightly different from the pre-installed version in HTC Diamond. So far Opera has not disclosed yet any further information on the availability of the

Opera Mobile 9.5 for Windows Mobile Standard (non touch-screen), but they plan to so don't you worry. Grab the Opera Mobile 9.5 Beta 1 now through this link.

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