Friday, July 18, 2008

Ryan Philippe stays connected with his iPhone

Just want to do a quickie here, since the I thought the celebrity-gadget post I did previously this day was pretty much can't be called valid because the star has passed away... One last hats-off for Heath Ledger, ladies & gentlemen...

Aaand, we're moving on now. While the other star of "Brokeback Mountain"; Jake Gyllenhaal is keeping himself
occupied with his BlackBerry plus with Reese Witherspoon and her children at Paris this weekend ~LOL~, Reese's ex-husband in other hand is staying connected with his iPhone.

The "Chaos" & "Breach"; Ryan Philippe, is
seen using his first gen iPhone in LA. He looks pretty serious while he's at it, maybe he misses his little ones or perhaps he's talking to Abby Cornish about getting really-really serious?

Ach, the life of a superstars. Who knows right? Last thing you'll know, they'll switch mobile phones as fast as they switch their life-partner(s). ;-p

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