Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sony Ericsson W902 and the gang make appearences

Your guess is good as mine, one by one every big names in mobile market are debuting their own top of the line; and if not their latest handsets. This time it's Sony Ericsson W series line-ups that make their early debut, with sneak preview photo shots. SE4M forum got the photo shot pictures, head on to GSMArena to see more of them.

Pictured above (click to enlarge it), from left to right: W902 (codenamed Patti), W595 (Linda), & Remi. And below is the W302 (codenamed Feng), which positioned below Linda but above Remi in its features. The right picture is taken from SEMCBlog, via Engadget Mobile. And there's a little bit of confusion judging from both fo the W302 pictures there, specially when you look at the navigation & O-pad buttons. Which one will turn out to be the right one?

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