Sunday, July 13, 2008

Winner takes all (Third look at iPhone 3G waiting line)

Yes, yes, I know... I know you're fed-up with any more of iPhone 3G news or even worse is about the waiting lines of iPhone 3G. Me too.

But this one is a little bit off course from the news about Apple's latest brilliant child product, I just can't help myself to tell you about it. So I promise, this is going to be the last one about it. ;-p

It's over, everybody have got their own iPhone 3G. Those people who have lined-up for days to buy it, have all went home; carrying their prize possession: the iPhone 3G in their hands. But apparently, there's one very lucky iPhone 3G new owner, who got more than having the handset itself.

Remember that guy I mentioned before, the dude who got first in the line a week before the initial launch, what's his name again? Oh yeah, his name is Dan, Daniel Bowman Simon (28). From many news coverage on the group, we understand that Dan is the head and the leader of the bunch. Even refer him as the "glue" that holds together the pack.

Well, it looks like that not only Dan's friends who is "glued" to him. Because Dan managed to attract a cute Apple Store employee while he's getting his iPhone 3Gs, asked her out and getting a date for next Tuesday. I bet he'll bring his new iPhone 3G along ;-p Here's the rest of the story, according to Nicholas Carlson from Valleywag:

I'm sitting outside the Fifth Avenue Apple Store here in New York, writing up a post about the long line for the iPhone, when a pretty girl wearing aviator sunglasses and a white blouse sits next to the guy sitting next to me.

She says to her friend: "So I've got a date with Dan.

" "Who?" the guy ask. "The guy who was first in line — the guy who bought the first iPhone today. He's doing the documentary thing, his name is Dan."

The cute girl goes on: "Anyway, they all own Apple stock and he taught English in Japan for four years. He's a nut, but I like nuts."

Way to go Dan! You've proofed to the world, that even geeks or "nuts" can still have a date with cute gal. ~LOL~ What do you think? Can Dan really did it? Why don't you see Dan closer for yourself, with the video interview below. Aaah... romance do still alive. ;-D

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