Sunday, July 13, 2008

Zelda Williams is definetely an Apple fangirl

Robin William's daughter; Zelda Williams, has all grown up now and becomes a very beautiful teen. Known for her role in the House of D, played along with David Duchovny, the 18 years old girl is enjoying good reviews on her parts in a musical in the tradition of 'Hedwig' that was recently featured in New York's LGBT film festival NewFest.

Switched has managed to get her into an interview and found out what gadgets she likes, you know, questions like that which we're interested in. ;-D Here are some of the Q&A:
  • What cell phone do you have right now and what do you love/hate about it? --- I'm an iPhone convert. I'd been previously addicted to the keyboard on the Sidekick 3, but I've since been miraculously cured. Sure, there're a couple things that could be improved upon (I would LOVE a better motion stabilizer in the camera), and I certainly miss touch-texting, but mostly, I heart it. I heart it hardcore.
  • Who's the last person you sent a text message to and what was it about? --- I texted my friend Tarina about the N.E.R.D. concert I went to yesterday. I'm still mostly deaf, and more than a little sore from dancing.
  • What annoys you most about your iPod, cell phone, or laptop (or any other gadget)? --- I gotta say, my Mac does occasionally like to play games with me, such as 'Hide the Dock', or 'Haha, random application quit'. However, I have dropped it a number of times. It could just be exacting its revenge.
  • Name one thing you wish your cellphone could do that it doesn't do now? --- Cook, clean, pimp itself out to pay for it's own bills... However, if I'm being realistic (which I'm obviously not), I'd love a phone that had a laptop's memory capabilities. I have nearly 6,000 songs and I'm the digital equivalent of a pack rat. There's just never enough room for it all.
  • What upcoming gadget can you not wait to get your hands on? --- I feel like I'm cheating on my iPhone already, but the new HTC touch pro looks might fine, though it's application icon design could use a little spiffing up. Otherwise, the next new game or console. I'm a videogame junkie. What'd you expect from a kid named after one?
  • BlackBerry, Sidekick, or Treo? --- I never kiss and tell...especially not with my iphone within earshot!
  • Do you have an iPhone? --- Are you getting the new iPhone 3G?Already have... though I may have to get the new one after people report back about it.
  • Mac or PC? --- Mac 17-inch Laptop. It's user friendly, has nifty applications, and a beautiful design. It's a handsome machine, I must say.

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