Thursday, August 7, 2008

A brief moment of “solace”

I know, I know… The title above is cheeky, especially for you who love James Bond movies. But it’s pretty much befitting with my condition a couple days ago.

I was bed ridden because of a cold, and I also conjured up my usual bad luck along with it: a migraine. The cold must've been caused by the change of climate at my small town, and for the migraine is caused by the loads of work awaiting me when I wake up.

Like many of you, my dear PalmAddict readers who have your Palm's devices at your side, I have my Treo at my side all the time when I was on bed. It accompanied me through boring times, like using
Newsbreak to read RSS news, listen to my favorite tunes with pTunes; and of course started writing this blog also with it.

I've got rid of the cold now, but unfortunately the migraine can't be stopped just like that. Not to mention when I heard the news that Microsoft has just released its newest database server platform:
SQL Server 2008, this means in the next few months to come I'll be planning and changing the office's database server... Oooh, my head... ;-p

[blogged with my Treo 750v]

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