Monday, August 25, 2008

BugMe till I'm tired

Pheeew..., what a day! It's not that I've got plenty of activities, instead I had just been in one place fixing the troubled point of sale machines. The wireless network was going crazy, and for no apparent reasons the machines can't communicate correctly to the main server.

Anyway, after slowly and carefully retracing my steps back to the beginning; I found out what was wrong on one of the machines. So tomorrow I'll battle with the others. How's these all got to do with mobile world?

Well, I've used
BugMe! to write down the many IP addresses, MAC addresses, passwords, settings, config files, etc. You know, those little important infos that an IT admin should remember. Unfortunately today my brain is out of power and memory, I had troubles to memorize the technical infos I needed to.

When I first had my Treo, I only know of the built-in Notes to jotted down things I need to remember. But after reading some reviews and mostly because I read BugMe! on PalmAddict, I decided to give it a try since a week ago. I can now enjoy the ease of taking fast notes with handwrite them down directly on Treo's screen. Now, the next thing I must learn to do is to write beautifully with stylus-pen, cuz I'm telling you that even myself is having hard time to re-read my own notes. ~LOL~

[blogged with my Treo 750v]

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