Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Checkpoint Friendly" bags, according to TSA

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has just issued on August 15th; what they mean by "friendly" laptop bags for airport checkpoint. TSA will allow laptops to remain in bags meeting new 'checkpoint friendly' guidelines. Not all laptop bags are 'checkpoint friendly'(see images on the left).

TSA mentioned in the
website that there are laptop bag styles currently on the market, such as laptop-only sleeves, that have the potential to present a clear X-ray image of the laptop if they are correctly packed. However, most current laptop bags will not present a clear X-ray image and should not be sent through the X-ray with the laptop inside.

But beware, purchasing one of these bags will not guarantee that you can leave your laptop in your bag for screening. If a TSO finds that the bag does not present a clear and distinct image of the laptop separate from the rest of the bag, the laptop will have to be screened separately.

Great, now I'm really confuse. Can't TSA just make, branded, and sell its own "friendly" laptop bags so we can have an ease of mind whenever we're at the airport checkpoint? ~LOL~

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