Thursday, August 28, 2008

Empty cups

I had one of those most tiring days last night and today, where I felt so tired even though I hadn't go through too much of a hectic schedule but my eyes just wanted to shut down no matter what.

And so is today, after two cup of coffee; at last my eyes are fully opened. Too bad my stomach doesn't quite agree with them ~LOL~
Anyway, so far I've been using my Treo to call and send text messages from last night till this morning. And when I saw Tyler Faux's podcast is finally up at PalmAddict, I rush to my computer and downloaded it immediately; then I transfered the
PA Podcast #127 to my Treo so I can listen to it while on the go.

I know I could download it via OTA, but the wireless data network of my carrier hasn't been good over these past 4 days. I only get slow GPRS connection, not the usual 3G no more. My cup of mobile joy is depleted, it's not the same without fast data connection. So I guess it's best to get the podcast in old fashioned way ;-p How about you, how's your data connection these days?

[blogged with my Treo 750v]

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