Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kindle sales was over cooked by media, says Amazon execs

I deliberately put the "says Amazon execs" on the title post up there, because I don't want to cause a preliminary debate from Kindle owners out there. ;-)

The famous e-book reader from Amazon, the Kindle is definetely not a miss-hit device and a proof that books aren't dead (yet?); like everybody had predicted before its release back then. In fact, it's selling like hot peanuts on a winter season.

But there's something about those sales number of Kindle that has been miss-directing the blogosphere and us; it's not as huge as it's reported. Andrea James from
Seattlepi.com (via Valleywag) got the report: Amazon officials gave McAdams Wright Ragen analysts the impression that high-end estimates on Kindle sales reported by TechCrunch and a Citigroup analyst are not reasonable.

McAdams Wright Ragen analyst Tim Bueneman said Friday in an e-mailed note based on meetings with management; Amazon managers "told us that the Kindle is definitely selling very well, but they also said the analysts and reporters giving out these extremely high estimates 'did not run them by company."

Maybe Amazon could really turn things around and pump up the sales with the new Kindle. "There are already several new, improved versions of the Kindle in the works," Bueneman wrote. "But Amazon has no plans, however, for an MP3 music audio version. We guess the new version will have improved interface operating controls. This has been an issue with some buyers."

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