Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lockergnome for iPhone

With so many apps to choose from App Store, iPhone owners are pretty much like our own PalmAddict's Sub Editor; Steven Hough, has said: feels like a child in the candy store. ;-)

D'oh, I so envy you iPhone users...

But how do you choose which are good from those abundant apps available? I found out from alan Henry (
AppScout); a service like the Digg-like Web app that allows other iPhone users to find new iPhone apps, vote up the ones they like, vote down the ones they hate, and comment on their favorites. It's called Lockergnome iPhone.

Alan explained further that the service page isn't limited to free apps, either. A number of the licensed iPhone apps are included as well, including the cheap ones that only cost a few dollars to the more expensive business apps that can run over a hundred. If you sign up for an account at Lockergnome, you can vote apps up or down depending on your experience with them and comment on them and engage other members in discussion about your favorite apps. If you'd rather not register an account, you can just click through to grab the app from the App Store.

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