Sunday, August 10, 2008

Privus Mobile helps you know who's calling

People can be really secretive, some don't want to reply or receive unknown calls from someone who aren't exist in their phonebook. But it does spark our curiousity when an unknown call pops into our mobile phones. ;-p

For you who live in the states (USA), you're in luck because
Privus Mobile has offered a caller ID service with calling name to designated mobile phones. To be exact, the downloadable application also gives you the option to save the caller’s name and phone number to your contacts automatically. And for missed calls, Privus Mobile lets you decide whether the caller deserves a callback or deletion.

Maybe an example will better explain how it works: Let’s say your friend, John, from high school has found your wireless number and gives you a call. Unfortunately for John, you’re the kind of person that screens calls, especially those not already in your contacts list. Since John’s living in another state, you don’t recognize the area code or number so you choose to ignore the call in hopes that the caller leaves a message and states his intentions. With Privus Mobile’s real Caller ID service, you can see John’s full name even though he’s not registered in your contact bank.

So far Privus guarenteed 95% rate of success to display the callers ID, and the service is available throughout North America and should be announced in many European Union countries by the end of 2008. For three months of service will cost you $24.95, and 12 months is $89.95. But before you head on and register yourself, find out first whether your handsets and wireless service are supported or not by looking at
this page.

Windows Mobile & RIM's BlackBerry handsets are mostly supported, Privus promised Symbian platform support in near unspecific future. Source is from

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